Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this is my hand embroidery project from my 'textiles investigation' class from last semester. we had to embroider a map about our selves. i had made a 'live' embroidery earlier in the fall, and decided that i wanted to use the 'live laugh love' phrase to describe me and where i have lived. along with those words i have also lived in 3 places, and felt like those words really described what those different places meant to me. the 'live' map is from when i lived in vienna, which i feel was an experience of a life time. the 'laugh' map is from where i live now at school, cause i have some crazy friends and we have some crazy fun times together. and the 'love' map is of home, where my family and my boyfriend live. all the green hearts on the maps represent my home in each place. it was a crazy intense project to do, and hand embroidery takes sooo much more time than you expect!! each letter took at least 1/2 an hour, plus all the maps. but i really love it, and it totally represents who i am. hope you like it too!


  1. GIRL, you've got talent! you make me want to try things! LOVE THIS!!!


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