Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

garden party!

so i ventured out to the mall this afternoon, and made a little trip into one of my favourite places, H&M. I feel in love with H&M when i was living in europe, because of the fun and trendy clothing, and also because it it totally affordable and there was one around every corner in vienna! seriously, i think that i coulda gone to like 6 different h&m's within walking distance of my apartment!
so this afternoon i got to check out one of their new collections, the Garden Collection. and its beautiful. and its sustainable. which is amazing for a huge chain like them. the fabrics all feel so light and lovely, and the prints and colours are just stunning!

and you can check out a pretty video here about the collection.

i ended up trying on a ton, and got a dress. not one of the garden collection, but just one of their other new spring/summer dresses. and i really tried to find a picture of it but i couldn't, so when i wear it i'll make sure to take a picture! i think i might wear it this weekend for easter brunch!!


here are some beautiful pictures to brighten up your day. i shot these yesterday when we were at the workroom. these are just some of the whole wall of fabric. beautiful.

Monday, March 29, 2010


so my most recent project in my main studio class has been a client project. we work with a client, this year it was with Karyn from the workroom, and we make a project that she wants and within her aesthetic. she wanted us to propose a Skirt Kit, where we would print the fabric and a sewer could cut the pattern and create a skirt. along with that we were also to propose a second idea, either another kit, something of our choice, or fat quarters. i had wanted to do fat quarters, but Karyn liked my skirt. so i did both.

these are pictures from printing my fat quarters, i printed the hummies in 3 colours, and then over printed in some areas with text.

and these pictures are my fat quarters being packaged. i went for a super simple and clean look with the packaging, with just a grey yarn and business card, so that you could see the fabric with out covering too much up. and i totally love them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

some beautiful pictures...

ohh i wish i was on beach right now...
don't you??

images found here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

daily inspiration...

isn' t this picture just beautiful?

my love, cameras...

so right now im on two themes, one is the newspaper imagery that is showing up in a lot of my work, and the other is cameras (possibly im channeling one of my very favourite people, my grandpa who was a very successful newspaper photographer). i just find the shape and form of cameras, especially vintage cameras, so appealing. they first started showing up in my drawing work, when we needed to bring in an object to draw, and i happened to have 2 cameras in my bag (i love cameras and photography!). so these are a set of ink drawings from a class.

now im exploring the camera further in my drawing class, where we now have to take our drawings into our studio materials. i took 4 drawings of cameras and separated the colours into 2, and made a silk screen, and printed some little cameras. i'll take some pictures as i work on them and share later!!


heres what my bug print looked like from last year. this is just one of my sample prints.

Friday, March 19, 2010

design, design, design...

so instead of being in one of my digital classes right now, im at home working on some designs instead. fridays are long days for me, with two different digital classes, total of 6 hours in front of a computer. i really liked my morning class today, we were working on scanning in motifs and making them into repeats. next week we're going to make them into 3 different colourways.

this one is just rough, i think im going to change the colouring/lines of it a bit.

i really like this one, the Little Potato Bug is one of my favourites of my bug designs, just might change the colouring a bit.

and instead of editing more of my studio photos in my afternoon class, im working on some designs. tonight im going to go into the studio to work on my client project, where im making a skirt with this hummingbird design:

and if i get that done in a reasonable amount of time this week, i'd really also like to work on some fat quarter designs that i also came up with for our client:

and im going to be making a small screen with some 2 colour camera designs for my drawing class tonight too, pics will follow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

little projects...

i just love fabric, and have all kinds of piles all over my room. this one pile is all left overs from one of my school projects, and i've been working with the bits this week. i've made a bunch of little brooches, when i get a nice picture i'll share it with you.

i have also been working with this super cute fabric from the workroom.


doesn't this just look yummy!? it was. when i was home for reading week the boy made me this delish lunch one day, and it was pretty.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

moving on from the cold...

i know winter is almost over, and im very excited about that (!!) but i haven't shared my knitted Cowl Neck with you yet! so here it is. i made it back in november, before it was cold enough to even wear. its super warm, and i love it when its really cold out. and i love that its also good to go as a hood! very versatile. i love it.

me and my cowl.

Friday, March 12, 2010

watch out Ken here come Don Draper!!!

how exciting is this!!?!
Mad Men Barbie Dolls!

i just found out about these this morning, and all i can think is that my birthday is next month!! hahaha. i love that they look like the original Barbie's from the late 50's, and i just love their little suits and dresses!!! so classy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


so when i was home for reading week last week i played around on my sewing machine for a while, working on my Pod Brooches. my very favourite print from last year was my Pods, and after the project was done i had started playing around with the sample fabric and making it into things. i made a bunch of brooches last summer, one of them i kept for my self and wear all the time (im wearing it in an earlier post). and last week i got around to making a bunch more. i also organized some of the print, and im working on another project with my pods, making them into wall hangings, i'll make sure to take some pictures as i go!

Pod Brooches!

Pod Print

Close Up

New Project Pieces

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a little motivation...

so sad news is that i have to return the Canon Rebel T1i back that i have been borrowing from the school all semester. i've really enjoyed having it, so much, kinda have taken it for granted. but now that it has to go back it has inspired to me take a ton of photos of all my work and fun stuff lying around, so there will be plenty of posts coming soon that all involve things i'm working on right now.
along with taking pictures i tried to organize some of my life today, including my room. i have so much fabric. its getting out of hand. so on the weekend the boy and i went out and i got a super-big-under-the-bed-box to organize fabric and projects. and while doing that i went thru some of my projects, and decided to put up my Paper-to-Cloth project, one of my very favourites so far this year.

'paper to cloth'

one wall of my room.

other wall.

maybe soon i'll post the other side of my tiny little room, which is where my sewing table and all my supplies live. i'll have to organize a bit first tho ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

daily inspiration...

i'd like some mad men please...

so i have the rest of the afternoon off, i've already been to class and the gym, and i'd really like to curl up and watch some mad men! sad thing tho, i'm all caught up and want the next season! so instead, lets just look at so pretty pictures of this wonderful show. i just love the 50's, and all the wonderful clothing, i'd love to walk around the costume warehouse!