Friday, March 19, 2010

design, design, design...

so instead of being in one of my digital classes right now, im at home working on some designs instead. fridays are long days for me, with two different digital classes, total of 6 hours in front of a computer. i really liked my morning class today, we were working on scanning in motifs and making them into repeats. next week we're going to make them into 3 different colourways.

this one is just rough, i think im going to change the colouring/lines of it a bit.

i really like this one, the Little Potato Bug is one of my favourites of my bug designs, just might change the colouring a bit.

and instead of editing more of my studio photos in my afternoon class, im working on some designs. tonight im going to go into the studio to work on my client project, where im making a skirt with this hummingbird design:

and if i get that done in a reasonable amount of time this week, i'd really also like to work on some fat quarter designs that i also came up with for our client:

and im going to be making a small screen with some 2 colour camera designs for my drawing class tonight too, pics will follow!

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