Thursday, March 25, 2010

my love, cameras...

so right now im on two themes, one is the newspaper imagery that is showing up in a lot of my work, and the other is cameras (possibly im channeling one of my very favourite people, my grandpa who was a very successful newspaper photographer). i just find the shape and form of cameras, especially vintage cameras, so appealing. they first started showing up in my drawing work, when we needed to bring in an object to draw, and i happened to have 2 cameras in my bag (i love cameras and photography!). so these are a set of ink drawings from a class.

now im exploring the camera further in my drawing class, where we now have to take our drawings into our studio materials. i took 4 drawings of cameras and separated the colours into 2, and made a silk screen, and printed some little cameras. i'll take some pictures as i work on them and share later!!

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