Monday, February 28, 2011

grad collection...

happy monday!! how was everyones weekend? mine was really fun, and then sunday was really productive! i did a photoshoot with some friends and got most of my most recent work all photographed. i really love how these came out! i have more to share with you too, but you can see them later! ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

all finished my placement...

so yesterday was the last day of my work placement at Virginia Johnsons. it was really good and i'm sad its all over! all of the ladies that work there were such a pleasure to intern with. heres some shots of the store, some of their beautiful shawls, and the last photo was what my desk looked like at the end of the day yesterday! i was clipping a ton of articles that Virginia had product featured in for a press book.
(ohh and i have another post about Virginia coming up in the next few days!)

my work, documented...

ohh so i finally uploaded pictures to my flickr account last week. i made the account months ago, and kinda kept forgetting about it. but now there are pictures to look at!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

stitched geometry...

so i got some pieces from my stitched geometry collection finished last week. i have so many pieces started that its really nice to see a few done! these two pieces are a necklace and a brooch. theres gonna be quite a few more pieces like this in the collection, adding in some coloured embroidery and some different textures.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

spotted in turquoise...

heres some pictures of part of my day in the studio yesterday. i tried a process of printing the base colour as well as the print for this yardage to see if thats how i'll print more of my yardage. and this is not the way that i'll go with it! which is fine, its all a learning process! i had thought that printing the base colour with an open screen (you just brush dye-water onto the screen, let it dry, and then print it on) would be easier and give a different effect than just pot dyeing the fabric first. but there is some problems with the screens, and its just too lengthy of a process. so the next batch will be pot dyed and then printed on top. ohh and the exposed screen that i was using is way too small of an image, so i need to make some more screens. i have lots of work to do this week!!

saturday in the studio...

so its a quite weekend of school work. yesterday the ladies and i went to the Art Crawl on James St North in Hamilton. it was really a fun adventure, i'll post about it later. and then today i spent the day in the studio, doing so printing and some dyeing. i always seem to want to dye greys/blacks, and there is no way to get a good colour! i've tried a few times with the chemicals and dyes we have in the studio, and then finally today i tried some box dyes. and i really like the greys, but the black turned out dark purple, which is nice, but not black! i think that i just need to give up and use pre-dyed black fabrics, which is fine, and then i can just focus on dyeing other colours!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

etsy update!

so its been quite a while since i've updated my etsy shop. but now theres a few new things in there, and i'll be adding some more this week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

work work work...

so its been a busy week, like usual. i went home for 4 days last weekend and it was SO nice! i got to see the whole family and spent some quality time with my man. and now im back at school. we had a working critique yesterday. it was really good, we got to talk about our body of work so far, what we've accomplished, and where we want to take it with our two teachers and a guest. it went really well. its always good to talk things through, with people who know your work and people who don't.
so today my room looks like a mess! i have so many things going on right now, my brain just jumps all around! but don't worry, its all good!! ohh and i know i told you all there would be some exciting news at the beginning of the week, but its not quite ready! so hold on, maybe in a few more days!
these pictures are from my working critique, and the pieces are not done yet, the edges still need to be done.

ohh and this is my moms fat cat Charlie, hes funny.

come up to my room 2011...

so during the design week i made it out to The Gladstone Hotel, where the show Come Up To My Room was taking place. in this show a variety of designers take a room and create it into their own space. these are a few pictures of some of my favourite work. the bubbles/growths were really great, it was really interesting standing with them all around you. and i really liked this fire escape, all cut out of paper!! every balcony was only about 2 inches, so much work! and then my favourite room was done by Amanda McCavour. shes a toronto textile artist, who actually did a talk at the school today. sadly i was a bit late and missed about half of her talk, but her work is really interesting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

judges choice!!

so i went by the Art Exchange's Miniature show today that i have this piece in, and found out i got one of three Judges Choice Awards! i was very pleasantly surprised!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

lots of excitement...

so theres lots of fun things going on right now. i have some exciting news to share early next week, you'll just have to tune in to see! also right now im busy planning/being involved in some gallery shows. tomorrow night there is an opening for the Miniature Show that im in in London, as well as an opening of our studio show at The Gallery at school. i have a few pieces/collections in the school show, but im most excited to see my slug bugs! im still undecided as to how to mount/display them, and i had a great
chat this morning with the gallery curator Jamie about his thoughts. hes such an interesting man, and we ended up deciding to let him try a few things and see what he likes, and im really excited to see what he does with them. (i'll defiantly take some pictures of all of the work to share with you). and then along with those shows we're (the studio/grad class) preparing for our year end shows coming up in April/May.
i hope you all have a good weekend, mine has started early, i came back home today to see the man/family.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

internship excitement!

so i just popped by the Virginia Johnson blog to see whats going on, and i saw my face! this shot is of me and Steph last week, when we did a day long photo shoot of the new Fall 2011 collection. it was super fun, and all of the new pieces in the collection are so beautiful, i really want a few of them!!


so theres lots of school work to do right now, and lots of sampling! these are little pieces that will become little jewelry items.

IDS 2011...

so its been a busy week of design shows and school work. last weekend i saw quite a few of the shows happening in toronto, and there was lots of great design to see. heres a few of my favourite things from the Interior Design Show.