Sunday, February 13, 2011

saturday in the studio...

so its a quite weekend of school work. yesterday the ladies and i went to the Art Crawl on James St North in Hamilton. it was really a fun adventure, i'll post about it later. and then today i spent the day in the studio, doing so printing and some dyeing. i always seem to want to dye greys/blacks, and there is no way to get a good colour! i've tried a few times with the chemicals and dyes we have in the studio, and then finally today i tried some box dyes. and i really like the greys, but the black turned out dark purple, which is nice, but not black! i think that i just need to give up and use pre-dyed black fabrics, which is fine, and then i can just focus on dyeing other colours!


  1. I also love that grey colour. Its a really pretty shade! kisses, sweetie

  2. for a good black, I use equal parts Procion MX silk black and cotton black, increasing salt and soda, and keeping the dyebath pretty warm. drop me an email if you'd like more specifics - but it can be done!

  3. thanks lady! i'll let you know if i try it again any time soon!


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