Tuesday, August 30, 2011

not so secret garden...

so a few weeks ago when i went to Hamilton to the Beehive Craft Fair, my mom and i made a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens. surprisingly i had never been there, even though i've driven passed it probably every other weekend for 3 years. but i'm really glad we went to check it out. we went to the Rock Garden area first, then to the big main building. it was so gorgeous out, such a perfect day for walking around a garden.

Monday, August 29, 2011

beautiful colours...

hey ladies! sorry i've been mia this past week, but i was away! my man friend and i went away to his family cottage, with our best friends. and it was a great week. so many good memories, i always love this week of the summer. but now i'm back to reality. and i've got some things in the works in the next few weeks, and i'll keep ya all posted!
for now, heres some pretty colours. i wanna try this so bad! i just love colours arranged in order. i think that i'm gonna have to get a few packs of crayons and try this with my niece, she'd love it.

found via poppytalk.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new jewelry...

its been a nice quite weekend around here, and now i'm getting ready to go away tomorrow. i'm off to the cottage with the man friend and some of our best friends for the week! i'm really excited to get out of town and relax on the beach for the week.
heres a picture of the new necklace i was talking about a bit ago. i really like it. i'll have to take a close up picture of it sometime to show it off a little better. i really like the long length and the fun chain and bits to it all. i'm really loving the statement necklaces lately.
hope your all having a nice weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

beehive craft fair...

so here are some pictures from the Craft Fair last weekend. it was a really great event, and it was really nice to see some friends that i hadn't seen in a while, and to talk to the other vendors and the people who came out. it was held on James St North in Hamilton, in a really cool building thats in the process of being renovated. i really like how everything was set up, and all of the decorating the Bees did for the event. i hope that they do another fair sometime!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wedding present...

so i made this tree for my cousin and her new hubby for their wedding a few weeks ago. i had seen the idea before, and thought that it would be such a nice memory of all of the people at your wedding. i drew the tree with lots of branches, and then at the reception all of the guests stamped their finger print in green, like a leaf, and signed their name. i saw the tree near the end of the night all covered in leaves, and i can't wait to see it all done and up on the wall in their new house!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

looks i love: accessories...

how gorgeous are these cuffs?! i love them. its been a bit busy around here as always. i had a great weekend tho. i was at the Beehive Craft Fair, which i'll show you pictures of later when i plug my camera in. and then on sunday my man friend and i had some of our best friends over for dinner, including our two little nieces, and i had an awesome time playing dressup with the 3 year old! she is awesome.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

shop update!!

so i took some new pictures of the scarves i've been working on lately and i've updated the shop! there will still be more items added too, and if your looking for something specific just email me.
i'm really liking the way the photos came out. i have this awesome brick back drop that the best friend got for me that used to be a store display. and its the perfect pairing for my prints. it was a little tricky taking photos of myself, but i got my timer and temporary tripod (the bbq!) all set up. and it was crazy windy today, that didn't help much with the scarves and backdrop blowing everywhere!! but thats okay, it all turned out!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

beehive craft fair...

hey ladies! its been a busy day with my scarves. i had a photo shoot all afternoon and i'll be posting some pictures for you later. and i'm working on a shop update!
and more exciting news, The Beehive Craft Fair is this weekend! i'm really excited to be taking part, i think that its going to be a really great show! the bees have got about 20 amazing artists together for this great show, and i can't wait to shop the other booths! if your in the Hamilton area this weekend be sure to check it out. its happening as part of the James St North Art Crawl on friday night, as well as 10-5 on saturday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

window shopping...

so i was window shopping downtown this afternoon and came across some gorgeous Matt and Nat bags. i just love their line of bag, they are so pretty and well made. i really really want one. and i found these guys online, on sale for half price!! i almost got the credit card out right away, but i've decided to exercise a little restrain, and see if i still really want one in a few days, then i'll get one.
but i had a really nice time downtown, on this one shopping strip that i haven't been down in ages. i was eyeing out some places that i might try and get my line of scarves placed in. ohh and i did a little bit of shopping, i picked up this awesome necklace that i'll show you later. i have a weakness for statement necklaces right now, i have another awesome one that i got last week from a girl at the handmade vendors market.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

pretty prints...

how adorable is this Zebra print dress from Need Supply?!

Friday, August 5, 2011

percolating ideas...

so i've had some ideas for some new projects running through my head this week. i've been thinking a lot about other objects and shapes to create with my printed fabric, and i'm thinking that i need this new book from the workroom...

first two pictures via the workroom.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

looks i love: toms...

i'm loving both of these pairs of Toms. i love the print of the top pair, and the crochet pair seem perfect for summer time. which Toms are your favourite?

more summer shows...

so in the next few weeks i've got some more shows coming up. this weekend i'll be downtown here in london, at this new artists and vendors market called The Metropolitan Market. its a really cool place. they restored this old building downtown that used to be a department store with the same name. i'm really looking forward to it, i'll show you some photos next week! and theres a festival going on downtown all weekend too, a Car Free festival. it sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun, they are shutting down most of the downtown core and running events, music and activities all day long. i think it'll be a really fun weekend downtown!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer weekends...

so the last few weeks have been a little crazy for me. but mostly good crazy. and this weekend that just passed was great. my cousin just got married on the weekend and i was in the bridal party. and i had such a great time. the wedding was beautiful and it was so nice to see so many good friends and family. and it was fun to get all dressed up! the whole weekend was so nice, from the rehearsal dinner to getting the bride all ready to dancing our butts off! it was such a good time. and i can't wait to see the photographers photos, these ones are just from my camera and my friends.

the bride and me :)

my sister-in-law, my little sister and me at the reception

look at me trying to catch the bouquet! so funny. and i'm totally blocking my little sister from getting it! sadly i didn't get it, the jr bridesmaid who was 11 got it!

the bridal party at the bachelorette.