Thursday, April 28, 2011

window shopping...

i've decided that Need Supply Co is my dream closet. i just love it all. i love the shape of the pieces, with fun pops of colour and pattern. i want one of everything.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weekend at home...

so i was at home for the holiday weekend, and had such a nice time with my whole family! my whole family got up to our place in the woods and we all got some quality time together. it was a bit crazy at times, with me, my man, 2 brothers, sister, sister in law, 2 nieces, my parents and their little adorable Yorkie!! it was crazy! but thats home. we got some time out on the back porch, and my little niece Abby who is almost 3 just LOVES bubbles!!!

(photo stolen from my brother)

final critique!

so this was the work that i showed at my final critique! i'm really happy with the way that it all turned out, and with the way it was all displayed. the colourful scarves are the pieces that i am putting into the Grad Show at the OCC this week, and then the picture of the b/w work will all be in the Grad Show at the Sheridan Gallery. now i'm pretty excited to see it all up and displayed!

Monday, April 25, 2011

busy week...

hey ladies! sorry for the absence the last few days, but i'm at home for the holiday weekend, and its been super busy! i had a semi-formal party on my birthday last thursday (which was super fun!), then home on friday night and a joint birthday party out with a whole bunch of my good friends, and then away with the family for the weekend!! its been busy! and i left my camera cord back at my apartment.
and this week is going to be just as busy. tomorrow my dad and i are headed back to my apartment at school to move a few things out, and then i'll be helping set up the gallery for the school open house and grad show this weekend, and then off to another grad opening on thursday!
so if anyone is in Toronto this week, on thursday night our Grad Show opens at the Ontario Crafts Council on Queen St West. i'm really excited about it! and then on saturday, there is an open house and the official opening of the gallery with the Grad work. its going to be a pretty exciting week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

prom party...

so i'm a little excited today, my group of friends from my graduating class have decided that we needed to do something special to celebrate the end of school, so we're throwing ourselves our own Prom tonight!! i had a really great time at my prom in high school, but i'm pretty excited for this one tonight! ohh and its my birthday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

urban inspiration...

hey ladies! i'll have some pictures for you later from the critique yesterday, but for now heres a few photos from my inspiration collection.

Monday, April 18, 2011

last critique...

hey ladies! sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days, but in just a few hours its my last critique before graduation!! today is my textile studio day, and its our final critique and last class (we finished all of our classes last week). i can't really even believe it, that its almost all over. i've gotten so used to being around the same girls everyday and working with them, and after 3 years i really don't know how working without them will be. i think that its going to be quite the emotional day, presenting a whole semester of work, our collections that have become our little babies, and knowing that this is the last studio day together. crazy! not that its the last time we'll all be together tho, we have Prom this week and 3 grad shows, which i'll tell ya all about later!
and i'll be back to post lots of pictures! i've been taking lots the last few days as i've been madly working, but i just haven't had time to dump them onto the computer! so there'll be lots of show and tell this week.
wish me luck! have a great monday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new scarf colours...

so i did more dyeing of scarves on the weekend, and now i have a yellow, purple, kelly green and lime green. i really love the purple and the greens, i think that the yellow came out a little too bight, but thats okay. the ones that i just dyed still need to have a pattern printed onto them, i'm going to be doing that in the next few days. but this arrangement of scarves is what i think that i'm going to be putting into the gallery at the Ontario Crafts Council. i'll tell you more about that show and 2 other ones i'm going to be in soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new pieces!

so i've got some new work made! i've mostly been stitching the last 2 weeks, both hand embroidered pieces, and well as the circle machine stitched pieces. and i'm loving both sets! both sets are necklace pieces and well as some brooches. the current pieces are all black, white and grey, and the next bunch will be colourful, in the same colour way as some of my scarves (which i have some new ones to share with you soon too!). ohh and some of these new jewelry pieces are up in the shop if you want to check them out! and if anyone is interested in something specific or a certain colour feel free to message me!

studio day...

so yesterday was a busy day in the studio. i only have one more week left until my final critique! and yesterday we talked with both of our teachers and a guest about installation and our work. i've gotten quite a few little textile jewelry pieces done now, and some will be going up into the etsy shop later. ohh and i dyed some new scarves the other day, i'll show you them soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

busy busy...

its been a busy week working away at all my little pieces! and i've almost got a whole bunch of necklaces and brooches made! the ones with all of the little circles i got all put together last night, i'll take some pictures later and share! and the little embroidered guys in the second photo are multiplying like crazy! i think that i now have 12 done. and for hand embroidery thats a lot in a week! and i really really like them and like whats happening in my collection right now! we have our final critique in 10 days (ahhhh omg!) so theres lots of work to produce and get done! ohh and this weekend there'll be more scarf making too!! busy busy.
i hope you all have a good friday!!! i know that after class today the roomie and i are relaxing with a few drinks on our patio! i cant wait!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

beautiful bag...

i just love this camera bag. i found it yesterday here, and it would be such a lovely home for my new little rebel, that usually just gets carried around in my purse.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to keep track of my time...

i think that i need this watch. its so pretty. its multi wrapped band and pretty coral colour are calling my name.
i'm not usually a watch wearer. i have one right now sitting on my bedside table waiting for a few more links before i can wear it. but this one would be such a lovely, feminine addition to my jewelry collection.

found here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

little circles...

so i've been machine embroidering and cutting a ton of little circles the last few days. these little guys will be clustered together to make jewelry pieces. just like the coral ones in my shop. its very satisfying to work on these little pieces, as i can make them quite a bit quicker than my hand embroidered pieces. i'm going to be putting some of the pieces together tonight and i'll show them to you later this week. have a good tuesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

summer outfits...

so i'm pretty much in love with everyone of these outfits, and pretty much everything from Need Supply Co. i just found them the other day, and spent quite some time looking at all of the beautiful things on their site.
and i've pretty much decided that i want to wear super cute dresses with statement jewelry all summer. what do you think? whats your summer outfit going to be this year?

i'll be back later with a post on what i'm working on in the studio today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

some lovely textile artists...

so yesterday i went to the One of A Kind show in Toronto. i've been to this show quite a few times before, and yesterday we went to check it out with one of our classes for an assignment. i saw a few really interesting booths and some lovely work by some really great local textile artists.

Arounna from Bookhou

Jenna Rose

Scout and Catalogue

Shuyu Lu

check out their sites, they all are really great textile artists with really wonderful work!
(all photos are from their sites)