Monday, April 25, 2011

busy week...

hey ladies! sorry for the absence the last few days, but i'm at home for the holiday weekend, and its been super busy! i had a semi-formal party on my birthday last thursday (which was super fun!), then home on friday night and a joint birthday party out with a whole bunch of my good friends, and then away with the family for the weekend!! its been busy! and i left my camera cord back at my apartment.
and this week is going to be just as busy. tomorrow my dad and i are headed back to my apartment at school to move a few things out, and then i'll be helping set up the gallery for the school open house and grad show this weekend, and then off to another grad opening on thursday!
so if anyone is in Toronto this week, on thursday night our Grad Show opens at the Ontario Crafts Council on Queen St West. i'm really excited about it! and then on saturday, there is an open house and the official opening of the gallery with the Grad work. its going to be a pretty exciting week!


  1. i'm sure everyone forgives you ;P i've sure missed you though. i hope you have a great week keep posting if your busy schedule allows you to!


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