Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weekend at home...

so i was at home for the holiday weekend, and had such a nice time with my whole family! my whole family got up to our place in the woods and we all got some quality time together. it was a bit crazy at times, with me, my man, 2 brothers, sister, sister in law, 2 nieces, my parents and their little adorable Yorkie!! it was crazy! but thats home. we got some time out on the back porch, and my little niece Abby who is almost 3 just LOVES bubbles!!!

(photo stolen from my brother)


  1. that is the sweetest picture! it needs to be framed!

  2. great shot, Abby is a little orb angel! love it total, family time...well there's nothing better, hey.

    thanks for the job well wishes Katie, most appreciated.

    your scarfs look tremendous in the previous post lades, congrats on accomplishing the final critique! happy relaxed weekend wishes too. ♥


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