Monday, April 18, 2011

last critique...

hey ladies! sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days, but in just a few hours its my last critique before graduation!! today is my textile studio day, and its our final critique and last class (we finished all of our classes last week). i can't really even believe it, that its almost all over. i've gotten so used to being around the same girls everyday and working with them, and after 3 years i really don't know how working without them will be. i think that its going to be quite the emotional day, presenting a whole semester of work, our collections that have become our little babies, and knowing that this is the last studio day together. crazy! not that its the last time we'll all be together tho, we have Prom this week and 3 grad shows, which i'll tell ya all about later!
and i'll be back to post lots of pictures! i've been taking lots the last few days as i've been madly working, but i just haven't had time to dump them onto the computer! so there'll be lots of show and tell this week.
wish me luck! have a great monday!


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  2. you are going to do GREAT!!!! that is sad about graduating though, I felt the same way when I left grad school. :( AND college. Ok now i'm getting nostalgic :(

  3. Good luck, sweetie..I bet everything went well as your designs are AMAZING! Hugs and kisses


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