Sunday, February 28, 2010

daily inspiration...

pretty birds!

Friday, February 26, 2010

daily inspiration...

isn't this just the cutest thing!! and im just loving this colour scheme of teal/black/white right now! found here.

all stars..

so at the moment im totally sick of the snow, and cannot wait for spring!! and spring shoes!! i had some flats on the other day and cant wait till i can wear them everyday, and out side! and flip-flops!! but i already have a ton of sandals and a few pairs of flats i really like, so the only new shoes im planning on for spring are a new pair of low top converse. and i really want the grey ones!
i want these.

these are what i have right now, but are no good out side in the snow cause they have so many holes!! and hardly any sole left!

im also LOVING mustard yellow right now, and these are super cute, but i dont know if i would really wear them enough.

and i really would not complain if i had a whole closet full!!

Daily Inspiration

so i just found this lovely photo, and thought that a daily (or every few days) inspiration photo would be nice. so heres the first!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

pretty prints!

i just stumbled across these, and just love them! so pretty and spring like!

pretty pretty...

so i dont have an iphone, yet. i have another year and a bit on my contract, but when i get one, i'd just love one of these cases!! so pretty! wood is a material i'd really love to get a chance to work with. in my program at school part of my department is wood/furniture, and i'd really love to take one of their classes. but heres some pretty pictures of wood to tie me over.

the workroom

So like I said in my last post I was at the workroom in Toronto last week. we have a new project, the client project, where we work with a client to create a product under their aesthetic and guidelines. this year karyn at the workroom is our client, and we're working on making a skirt kit, and one project/kit of our choice. i want to make fat quarters for karyn, and in our next meeting in 2 weeks we'll see what she decides. so here are a few pictures of the workroom. its a super cute place to take classes, work on your own projects, and buy fabric!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Queen Cafe

So last week I was in Toronto for a Client Meeting at the workroom, and we stopped for breakfast and coffee at this cute little coffee shop on Queen St West. Thought it was super cute, i just love little places like this!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finished Paper to Cloth

So a few weeks ago the Textiles studio got use of the school Gallery for our student exhibition. I actually have a few pieces up in the gallery, but one of my favourites is my Paper to Cloth project. Here are a few pictures of it. The wall piece is the first part of the project that we had to hand in, being as close to exact as our paper design, and the second piece is a belt, the part of the project to take the design and make it into a something.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Want Spring!!

So playing around on the internet the other day in class I came across this super cute site Modcloth. All of their clothes are super cute, and super spring! I want a cute little dress so bad! and i just Love the yellow of the hoodie!! hope you also enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pair #3!!

So i'm in a bit of a knitting craze. I am now on Honeycomb Mittens pair #3! i dont think that i got any pictures of the last ones i made before i gave them away, but they were grey, with two shades of purple as the circles. but these are the ones im working on now! i'll post a pic when their done!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Done My Bags!!

So the project that we have due next week in our studio class is our Bag project, to produce a series of three bags. And I'm all done sewing mine!! Not that I'm all done the project tho, I still have labels to make and sketchbook to finish, but the bags are all done and put together!!! I dont think that I've ever been done a project this early. I must say that I'm very proud of my self. For this project I decided that I wanted to work with printing my own fabric, and then working with more of a simple shape for the bag. During our lectures and my research time I really found that I liked old utility bags, like mail bags, sailor bags, post sticker bags, and news paper boy bags. But I couldn't find one of those shapes that I really wanted to use, and felt more inclined to go with a more modern, hand bag. So thats what my project turned out to be, a series of purses with the printed themes of mail, sailor and newspaper. Hope you like them!

Inside pockets that are attached to the lining.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So while looking for interior pictures for my Surface Design collection I just came across this super cute room. I love seahorses!! Theres something so weird and strange, yet cute about them! And at the moment I'm having an unusual liking for yellow, mostly mustards, but this yellow is super cute too tho!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Etsy Love

So i'm quite the Etsy lover, and have found many things that i just love, but have never made a purchase. But i may have just found the first thing i'm gonna get. I just happened across Nonfiction Tees and just love some of their tee shirts!

All of these prints go right along with the theme i'm working on for school right now, all about text. I started out with a print project using newspaper, and now im on a whole theme of text prints, including handwriting. For my current project i had also wanted to include maps, but dropped that idea for this time, but will for sure bring it back soon. Hence i just love all these shirts, and i think that the French map is going to be mine! I also really like the one with all the newspaper titles, and think that i might keep that idea and do a similar print sometime. Hope you like too!