Friday, February 26, 2010

all stars..

so at the moment im totally sick of the snow, and cannot wait for spring!! and spring shoes!! i had some flats on the other day and cant wait till i can wear them everyday, and out side! and flip-flops!! but i already have a ton of sandals and a few pairs of flats i really like, so the only new shoes im planning on for spring are a new pair of low top converse. and i really want the grey ones!
i want these.

these are what i have right now, but are no good out side in the snow cause they have so many holes!! and hardly any sole left!

im also LOVING mustard yellow right now, and these are super cute, but i dont know if i would really wear them enough.

and i really would not complain if i had a whole closet full!!

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  1. They do make a winter set - Jake has them in chocolate brown - waiting to inherit them!


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