Tuesday, May 31, 2011

antique show: part 1...

this past weekend i went to a huge Antique Market at Christie Lake Conservation Area just outside of Hamilton. i haven't been before, and it was a great day out. the weather held off, and i spent the day wandering around with my parents and some of their friends. there were lots on interesting things to see, and i even came home with some treasures! i'll show them to you soon!


i made some yummy pumpkin muffins last night. it was a little bit of a bad idea, cause it was so hot here already (like 30 degrees at 8pm) so i shouldn't have had the oven on so long, but ohh well! their delicious! i love anything pumpkin flavoured.

Monday, May 30, 2011

antique inspiration...

i went to an antique fair out of town all day yesterday. it was really great, and i saw all kinds of interesting things and brought home some treasures! i'll show you them soon.
i've been playing around in the vintage section on Etsy tonight. i think i'm going to start playing around with an old project, inspired by some of these images and some of the items that i saw/bought yesterday.

Friday, May 27, 2011

blog love..

i just came across the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere this morning, and i'm loving her style! the whole blog is full of inspiration and pretty posts, and i love her outfit posts. i love her style, how she accessorizes and the pretty pops of colour. head over and check it out!

Monday, May 23, 2011

bag love...

i would just love this bag to tote all my things around in this summer! its so big, and stylish, and could hold every single one of my things. i just love it.
i love a lot of Virginia Johnson's work, too bad the only item i have is a tad bit to warm for this weather! i can't quite rock even a light weight wool scarf in may!

my business cards!

hey ladies! and maybe fellas?! how was your weekend? even tho its a long weekend here, my weekend is over. I'm off to the studio at school today to get a few things done for the last time. i came down to my apartment this weekend to finish moving out, and i have some cleaning to do before i give the keys back. so after this week i'll be home for good.

i realized when i was working in my studio the other day that i haven't shown you my new business cards yet! i got them done a few weeks ago in the middle of the show opening and graduation crazy week. i ended up switching the design around from what i had tested out a few months ago, and i went pretty simple. i didn't think that i needed much info as everything can be found off of my website. so i picked my two favourite prints, also colours that best represent me. and i really love them! its so exciting to see this big stack of cards that are all your own and covered in my own prints!

Friday, May 20, 2011

summer inspiration...

so its a long weekend here, and i've had a nice quite start to it so far today. i spent most of the afternoon in my studio (how exciting is that?! that i can say that i spent time in my OWN studio!), on the back deck, and then out for a walk with the man tonight. the weather was perfect today, finally some sun after a week of rain. then tomorrow the man, my best friend and i are headed up to our friends place for a pig roast! i'm excited for a road trip and a party! should be a good long weekend!

i took these photos this afternoon after i found these shells while unpacking. i got these little guys last summer on a trip with the fam, and i just love the texture on all of the surfaces. and the pretty colours! i think that some sketching is gonna happen with these shells soon.
have a nice weekend!

spring flowers...

so its been raining here most of the week, but when it stopped for a while the other day i went out and took some photos of our tulips in the back yard. i love the colour of the ones we've got growing this year, all oranges and pinks. i think its gonna be quite the gardening summer. my man has been growing impatiens from seed, and when the tulips come out of that part of the garden the impatiens will go in. and we've got some vegetables started that should go in the ground soon too. i'll show you photos of the little greenhouse that we've got going in the kitchen soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new items in the shop!

i just added two new scarves to the shop, and will be adding more in the next few days.

Monday, May 16, 2011

blog love...

i just fell in love with a new blog, Kitka. its a design blog from a cute little shop in Toronto. they have amazing taste, and blog about Scandinavian design and their trips around the world. and i am in love with their travel photography! makes me want to hop a plane outta here!!

(i'm unpacking today, and working on my little studio! i'll show you some pictures soon!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

rainy sunday...

its so gloomy today, except looking out into the backyard the plants look so happy soaking up all the rain. i almost finished moving back home last night, i think theres only one more load of things at the apartment. now i've got quite the pile of unpacking and organizing to do. and lots of organizing to happen in the studio room.

and later this afternoon i'm going to see this lady in her dance recital.

and then after that its my nieces 1st birthday party!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

some current work...

some new pieces i made last week before the craft show. i really like playing with the hex nuts and different hardware.
tomorrow i'll show you some photos of my bug installation that i had up in the textile show this weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

opening day!

the surfacing show is today!!! and tomorrow! i'm so excited for the opening tonight. i'm about to do some running around for food and drinks for the opening, and then off to the show! make sure to check it out if your in Hamilton! these photos are all from our set up day.