Monday, May 2, 2011

grad weekend...

so its been a busy but exciting last few days. last thursday night was the opening of our grad show 'The Shape of Things' at the OCC and it was such a great night! and then saturday was an open house of the arts department at school, and then our grad ceremony. it was such a great day, my man and most of my family made it out and we got to tour around and look at all the great work. and went out for dinner, and then off to the grad ceremony. it was such a great night, kinda sad tho, that its all over. but so great to all be together one last night. ohh and i won a few awards! i was kinda surprised but soo excited! ohh and sold a few pieces! it was an amazing night!


  1. Yay! It's always so satisfying to sell some of your creations! I find it validating, haha.

    Congrats, my dear! Looks like a day to remember. :)

  2. congrats!! how exciting!! :-)

  3. Congrats, grad! What an exhilarating time, I hope you're enjoying every moment!

  4. Congrats, sweetie! It sounds like a lovely night:)Kisses


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