Sunday, May 15, 2011

rainy sunday...

its so gloomy today, except looking out into the backyard the plants look so happy soaking up all the rain. i almost finished moving back home last night, i think theres only one more load of things at the apartment. now i've got quite the pile of unpacking and organizing to do. and lots of organizing to happen in the studio room.

and later this afternoon i'm going to see this lady in her dance recital.

and then after that its my nieces 1st birthday party!


  1. good luck with the move! and hope you had a great weekend! :-)

  2. That stack of fabrics would put me in the crafty mood! And so do rainy days! although today I opted for the nap instead;)

  3. Your niece is adorable! And LOVE those fabrics. Best of luck with your move!


  4. Omigosh! Look how cute your little niece is! She's adorable and I like the new additions to your shop, too. :)


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