Monday, May 23, 2011

my business cards!

hey ladies! and maybe fellas?! how was your weekend? even tho its a long weekend here, my weekend is over. I'm off to the studio at school today to get a few things done for the last time. i came down to my apartment this weekend to finish moving out, and i have some cleaning to do before i give the keys back. so after this week i'll be home for good.

i realized when i was working in my studio the other day that i haven't shown you my new business cards yet! i got them done a few weeks ago in the middle of the show opening and graduation crazy week. i ended up switching the design around from what i had tested out a few months ago, and i went pretty simple. i didn't think that i needed much info as everything can be found off of my website. so i picked my two favourite prints, also colours that best represent me. and i really love them! its so exciting to see this big stack of cards that are all your own and covered in my own prints!


  1. They are perfect, sweetie! Love them. Happy Monday, kisses

  2. LOVE your cards!! very nice!!

  3. those are soooo cool! perfect!


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