Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Etsy Love

So i'm quite the Etsy lover, and have found many things that i just love, but have never made a purchase. But i may have just found the first thing i'm gonna get. I just happened across Nonfiction Tees and just love some of their tee shirts!

All of these prints go right along with the theme i'm working on for school right now, all about text. I started out with a print project using newspaper, and now im on a whole theme of text prints, including handwriting. For my current project i had also wanted to include maps, but dropped that idea for this time, but will for sure bring it back soon. Hence i just love all these shirts, and i think that the French map is going to be mine! I also really like the one with all the newspaper titles, and think that i might keep that idea and do a similar print sometime. Hope you like too!

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