Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to keep track of my time...

i think that i need this watch. its so pretty. its multi wrapped band and pretty coral colour are calling my name.
i'm not usually a watch wearer. i have one right now sitting on my bedside table waiting for a few more links before i can wear it. but this one would be such a lovely, feminine addition to my jewelry collection.

found here.


  1. need x 2 please! I love this gorgeous watch, lovely colour and I love that it is not a traditional style -SO fab. xx veronika

  2. Mmm, coral is such a beautiful colour. I don't wear watches, but I would make an exception for this little guy! :)

  3. Its really pretty and something I would totally wear too. I think you should go for it. Happy Thursday, sunshine

  4. ooo that is really cute!! My watch hasn't worked correctly since I got the battery replaced and I'm so sad! I might need to watch shop :) thanks for your note while I was away!

  5. oooh I love the watch and the color is absolutely adorable. Heading over to that link now. Thanks!


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