Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little bit of all of us.

so i'm having a nice day at home home today. (i have 3 homes right now. i live in an apartment with 3 roommates at school, thats home number 1. then when i come 'home' to london, i live with the boy at his house, home number 2. but today im at home home with my mam, home number 3. ) im just hanging out with the mam, we went to see my grandpa this morning, and now we're just hanging out, going to make some tea soon. and since i knew i was coming home today i put one of my fave scarves on, its one of many of my grandmas that i now have. my grandma passed away when i was really little, but i like to think that we woulda been great friends, cause she had amazing style! both of my parents are artsy, my mom is the queen of crafts and cross-stitch, my dad is really great at drawing and drafting, and my grandpa was an amazing and successful photographer, but i like to think that i get my style and love of fabric from my grandma. so today im wearing a scarf of hers, paired with one of my leaf brooches that i made last year from some of my printed yardage.

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