Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a little motivation...

so sad news is that i have to return the Canon Rebel T1i back that i have been borrowing from the school all semester. i've really enjoyed having it, so much, kinda have taken it for granted. but now that it has to go back it has inspired to me take a ton of photos of all my work and fun stuff lying around, so there will be plenty of posts coming soon that all involve things i'm working on right now.
along with taking pictures i tried to organize some of my life today, including my room. i have so much fabric. its getting out of hand. so on the weekend the boy and i went out and i got a super-big-under-the-bed-box to organize fabric and projects. and while doing that i went thru some of my projects, and decided to put up my Paper-to-Cloth project, one of my very favourites so far this year.

'paper to cloth'

one wall of my room.

other wall.

maybe soon i'll post the other side of my tiny little room, which is where my sewing table and all my supplies live. i'll have to organize a bit first tho ;)

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