Tuesday, March 30, 2010

garden party!

so i ventured out to the mall this afternoon, and made a little trip into one of my favourite places, H&M. I feel in love with H&M when i was living in europe, because of the fun and trendy clothing, and also because it it totally affordable and there was one around every corner in vienna! seriously, i think that i coulda gone to like 6 different h&m's within walking distance of my apartment!
so this afternoon i got to check out one of their new collections, the Garden Collection. and its beautiful. and its sustainable. which is amazing for a huge chain like them. the fabrics all feel so light and lovely, and the prints and colours are just stunning!

and you can check out a pretty video here about the collection.

i ended up trying on a ton, and got a dress. not one of the garden collection, but just one of their other new spring/summer dresses. and i really tried to find a picture of it but i couldn't, so when i wear it i'll make sure to take a picture! i think i might wear it this weekend for easter brunch!!

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  1. dress number 1 is SO FRAKKIN' CUTE!!! i love it!!!


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