Monday, March 29, 2010


so my most recent project in my main studio class has been a client project. we work with a client, this year it was with Karyn from the workroom, and we make a project that she wants and within her aesthetic. she wanted us to propose a Skirt Kit, where we would print the fabric and a sewer could cut the pattern and create a skirt. along with that we were also to propose a second idea, either another kit, something of our choice, or fat quarters. i had wanted to do fat quarters, but Karyn liked my skirt. so i did both.

these are pictures from printing my fat quarters, i printed the hummies in 3 colours, and then over printed in some areas with text.

and these pictures are my fat quarters being packaged. i went for a super simple and clean look with the packaging, with just a grey yarn and business card, so that you could see the fabric with out covering too much up. and i totally love them!

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