Thursday, March 4, 2010

textile visit

so i'm on my reading week from school right now, and toady i had a great experience to go and visit with a local textile artist, roisin fagan. (check out her blog!). so is a textile printer, who creates her own products from concept thru printing, sewing, packaging and then selling. wonderwoman!! i first met her at the One Of A Kind show last spring, and then chatted with her again at the City Of Craft show. and i didn't have any plans for reading week, so i sent her an email and she was gracious enough to let me come visit! we chatted about what she does and how she does it, and it was really insightful, because she basically does what i want to do when im done school.

some of her super cute prints.

she has some really awesome baby clothes!

this is one of the first prints of hers that i saw, and just love!!

tea towels from her Repeat line that she has with Arounna from Bookhou (i helped her cut up some fabric for a whole bunch more of these today!)

and last but not least her wonderful wallets!! i just love these!

hope you like it all, i sure do!


  1. Oo I love the wallets!! So bright and fun :)

  2. Her baby clothes are simply adorable. Love!

  3. It was great having you here, Katie - thanks for the help, and the chat!


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