Thursday, March 11, 2010


so when i was home for reading week last week i played around on my sewing machine for a while, working on my Pod Brooches. my very favourite print from last year was my Pods, and after the project was done i had started playing around with the sample fabric and making it into things. i made a bunch of brooches last summer, one of them i kept for my self and wear all the time (im wearing it in an earlier post). and last week i got around to making a bunch more. i also organized some of the print, and im working on another project with my pods, making them into wall hangings, i'll make sure to take some pictures as i go!

Pod Brooches!

Pod Print

Close Up

New Project Pieces

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  1. hi katie, you won the remnant pack and ooak tickets! please email me your address so i can mail them to you,



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