Thursday, July 29, 2010

my messy life...

so im sitting at the dining room table right now, and realized i've taken the whole thing over! theres no way we're eating dinner at the table tonight! this whole week i've been trying to get a lot of my life organized, and theres so much to do! the table is covered in paper work for student loans, tuition payments, apartment lease papers and then every thing else in my life like many bags (who likes to use the same bag everyday?!), books, magazines, sketchbooks. ohh and im trying to help put together a flyer for a photography show that im going to be in in a few weeks (being held at my work, The Black Walnut Bakery/Cafe, on Aug 19, come back soon for more info!), and im trying to pick one of my camera ink drawings for the flyer. ohh and i started a new embroidery this week.
so heres a look at my messy table/life!

ohh and this picture is just for fun, this was last night, the bf thought that he could scare a raccoon off the porch with some water. the raccoon was not scared at all.

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