Saturday, October 16, 2010

knit, crochet, knit, crochet...

so in my textile investigations class we just started a knit/crochet/weave unit. and there is no final project, just lots and lots of samples, 20 of each technique! to learn the basic stitches we're allowed to use regular yarn, but after that we have to work with unconventional materials. and i want to work LARGE! i saw Christien Meindertsma's work a while back (the second image with the massive knitting), and am very inspired. and then today i saw this huge-scale crochet rug by ladies&gentlemen.
so right now im working on knitting with boating rope that i found last weekend. i am suppose to be crocheting first tho, but its slightly frustrating, so im knitting instead right now!


  1. I am in love with those big ones!! How cool!!!! I want to learn to knit so bad, but the video tutorials on line just aren't doing it :(

  2. I saw a cowl the other day that had been knit using broom stick width needles made from dowels & 4 bulky yarns held together

  3. Hooray for knitting and/or crocheting! Love it all!

  4. wow neato :) i feel like it would be tiring to crochet/knit on such a large scale!


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