Tuesday, November 30, 2010

completed embroidery project!!

so its only been about 10 weeks since this project was assigned, but its all done now! and im really happy with it. the basic outline was to create a collection of hand embroidered items that fit along with a design brief. we had 3 briefs to choose from, and the general gist of the one i chose was- preppy, chic, urban, along with like 50 other ideas (craziest design brief ever.) so i decided to go for a modern-preppy chic feel, inspired by upper-east side glam.
the first picture is a brooch, the second is actually a necklace (it wasn't totally finished in time for the photo shoot), the third is a crest, and the fourth is obviously a neck detail on a tank top.
i really liked this project way more than i thought i would have, i was a little turned off by hand embroidery, but i really like the new edgy feel that i gave my work. and hopefully when i have some more time to work on things i'd really like to expand this collection.


  1. They are all so beautiful, Katie!

    Thank you for you lovely thoughts and birthday wish!

    Have a beautiful week:)


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  3. Oh, I love all the finished products! It looks like they would have taken a long time...but they're beautiful! And sparkly. :)


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