Saturday, January 1, 2011

my crafty work in 2010...

so its been quite the year. i thought i'd join in and look back on all of the crafty projects that i got up to. it all makes me even more excited for 2011! its nice to go back and look through all of the projects i've made this year, i really enjoyed them all, and i think that they all are involved in me being in the place i am now with my work.
i hope you all had a great 2010 too!

my first pair of mittens! since then i've knit 3 and a half more pairs!

cute bag i sewed.

inside pouches from my Bag Project.

my series of bags for the project.

camera print.

hummingbird fat quarters.

colour project sample.

one piece of my colour project accessory collection.

a fun project i made with the man.

hummingbird brooches.

more brooches!

back to school with embroidery samples.


printing workshops.

embroidery project

part of my multiples collection.

knitted bug.

part of a photography project.


  1. Love all your projects - especially the little bag pouches and the mittens!

    Have a wonderful 2011 lovely

    Miss B xx

  2. Wow! Great work!! I very much wish I could knit mittens! Okay knit in general. I don't have the patience! Also, those bags are AMAZING. Are they getting into your etsy shop sometime? ;)

  3. I love my hummingbird brooch - I wish I'd gotten you to teach me to knit those mittens over the break, they are beautiful!

  4. Great stuff! Those mittens are my fave, though :)

  5. Ooh, I love the bag with the postmark on it! How fun!


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