Thursday, September 1, 2011

i fell on the bandwagon...

so i finally got an iPhone. which is quite exciting for me, i've wanted one for a few years now. and i love everything that it does. its so nice having one little gadget that does everything.
i have a cute little blue case for it, but all of these are pretty nice too! i feel like i'm gonna be buying it new little outfits often!

first two found on society6, last two on Etsy


  1. Ummm I love my iPhone! But it's the 3G and it's SOOOOO slow now, so I'm waiting for my contract to end so I can get a new one!!! Eeeee. Hope you love it so far! I love the wood case.

  2. i looove my iphone! and i love that wood cover so much.

  3. I still haven't joined the bandwagon but I know I will get one eventually:)
    The wood case is awesome!!


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