Thursday, December 1, 2011

open house night...

so life has been super crazy lately! i'm working 2 jobs, working for myself, and some really exciting news: we're moving next week!! me and my boyfriend bought a house and we're getting our new keys in one week!
and i've been busy in the studio this week getting for an Open House i'm having of my work tonight. i'll take some pictures and let ya all know how it goes!
ohh and i got some pictures taken of the printed tunics, and i cannot find my camera cord anywhere!! soooo annoying living out of boxes. so as soon as i find it i'll share them!


  1. OH WOW! Congratulatory wishes are in order!!! This is fantastic - congrats on the new home and the open house tonight! I also have an opening happening tonight :) Best wishes to you!

  2. Best of luck! Wish I could come see your work in person!


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