Monday, January 30, 2012

studio time and a sneak peak...

so after work today i had a night in the studio. i didn't really get all that much done, but i did organize a lot, and updated the shop. i've slowly been trying to find new homes for all of my things in the new studio space, and its slowly coming along. i'm also figuring out some new work for the spring, working with a new, more cohesive colourway, and adding in a few new prints. i also have lots of show applications in progress, and i have an exciting new project that i'm working with a shop on (i'll tell ya more about that soon!).

and heres a sneak peak, (don't judge the mess!) of my new space. with my new print table in the process of being built. i've been working with a printing table that was about 4'x4' (you can kinda see it sitting there, its the actual table top), and my boyfriend and i are in the process of making a new table, thats going to be 4'x11'!! i'm so excited for more space!! i'll show you more photos as the studio gets more pulled together! ohh and don't forget to check out sale in the shop, it will only be up like this for another week or so!

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