Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a little underwater inspiration...

so the family and i were out for a road trip on the weekend, and we went to this funny, little museum in sarnia, called something along the lines of 'stones and bones'. and at first, thinking that it would be totally lame (there was a ton of tee shirts outside on a table covered in dinosaurs) i wanted to stay in the car with the new puppy, but instead went inside. and actually really enjoyed it. i wasn't really into all the stuffed animals and dino bones, but they had an amazing collection of shells, crabs and coral! it was really cool. im really into soft oranges and peaches right now, and almost all of the collection was in this colour scheme! there will defiantly be getting lots of inspiration for some summer work projects from my pictures from the museum!
here are just a few of them!

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