Thursday, September 9, 2010

the beginning of something new...

so if you ask anyone i know how i feel about computers, they would tell you that on a regular basis that if the computer isn't doing exactly what i want it to that i would quite often like to throw it out the window. im a little surprised that my little macbook hasn't met the pavement yet. i get a little frustrated. but... i may be becoming quite excited and inspired about what it can do, regarding digital design. i just had my first Digital Textile Design 2 class today, and im a little excited. i had the first level of this class last semester, and with lots of frustration and practice i started learning the basics of digital design. but this semester we get to do quite a few sweet projects, including designing hang-tags (basically starting to brand ourselves), making files for laser-cut designs, story boards, and most exciting we get to print one of our designs digitally onto fabric. im so excited. i have so many ideas running thru my head. and i just picked up the text book for this class, and there are just so many possibilities of what can be done! and even just the basic filters in photoshop (like the posterize filter used in this picture) are getting me excited.

(i took this picture on a really fun family adventure a few months ago with my little brother and sister and my parents. sadly my older brother wasn't there, but if he had been he also woulda been wearing Chucks, clearly we need to get my Dad a pair for christmas!)

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