Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cabbage town...

so this last weekend was great. i got to hangout with some friends, then on saturday morning my best friend and i headed into the city to her place. the plan was to go the the arts and crafts festival in cabbagetown, which we did, but first there was also an awesome street festival happening in the Junction (the neighbourhood where my friend lives). so we got to check out two awesome street festivals in one day! i love toronto!! the Junction was full of street vendors and food, and all the local shops were open and super busy! and we found some awesome places, one was Metropolis (i'm gonna post more about this later), and another sweet one was Smash (again, it'll have its own post). then we picked up our friend and headed to Cabbagetown. Which was crazy and awesome. basically the entire neighbourhood was closed off to cars, and the streets we flooded with people, food and music. and then in one huge park in the middle of the neighbourhood was the arts and crafts vendors. and that was great. lots of artists that i wanted to see where there, and some new one too. just to name a few: bespoke uprising, jenna rose, lee meszaros, and schoolyard studios.
i got some pictures while at the festival, but they are mostly full of peoples heads, so here are some shots i really loved of all the architecture in the area, i totally want to live in one of these houses!!


  1. I have all the furniture that you need to fill one of those beauties. When you by one I'll bring my furniture, and all my cookbooks, and be your live-in pastry chef.


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