Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas everyone!

how was everyones christmas?! mine has been great. i'm back at home with the man and the family, and its been so nice! christmas eve i spent the day with the family, skating, evening church service, time with the boyfriends family and then back home to my parents where i spent the night. then yesterday i spent the whole day at home with the family, we opened our stockings then did presents from under the tree. my brother and sister in law and their two little girls came over for the whole day, and we all had christmas dinner together. and then today the boyfriend and little sister and i went boxing day shopping at 5am! and then back to bed till noon. and then visited the boyfriends dads side of the family and my dads side of the family! it was a super busy, but great 3 days with friends and family.
i defiantly love spending time with all my family the most on the holidays. its so nice to see everyone, and spend lots of time together. either tomorrow or tuesday most of the family is heading up to our place in the woods, im really excited to spend some down time there reading, relaxing and hanging out with my siblings.
i did also get some really great things this year. i feel super selfish that i bought my self a present this morning boxing day shopping, but it was such a good deal i couldn't say no! i got myself a little rebel! and my best friend got me a great present, one of the book lights that i blogged about a little while back. and the man got me an awesome pair of earrings that i really love. i also got some great presents from the family, my mom has great taste and knows me really well (there will be some more pictures to come later).
over all it has been a really great holiday so far. i love spending time at home with my family, and im really excited that i still have 2 weeks off of school!! i hope you all had a great holiday too!!


  1. merry christmas to you, too dear! Thanks for stopping by! I love all of your little creations! :)

    love, polly

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family Katie. You definitely a deserve a treat at Christmas time. I totally believe in treats, especially at this time of the year....probably because I celebrate my birthday during Christmas and it usually is kind of a downer.

    Rambles with Reese


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