Tuesday, December 28, 2010

quiet time...

so tomorrow morning im off with part of the family to spend some time at our place in the woods. its been a while since i was up there, and it will be really nice to relax. theres no cable or internet hooked up there anymore, so i will be disconnected for a few days, which im kinda looking forward to. i need some time to sit around and read and relax, and i've got a few projects i want to work on without the distractions of my computer. two of the projects are non-school related, and im actually really excited to work on them. i'll fill you in later in the week. i'll be back home in time for new years, which should be a fun and low key night this year, just around the house with the man and some of our good friends. i hope you all have a good week, and have a nice fun new years!

(this is my little kitty, isn't she cute! i've started to play around with the new camera bit)

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