Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lets go... anywhere..

So I've been checking out all my fav blogs today, catching up on all the new posts, and one thing that just keeps on jumping out at me is all the beautiful travel entries, like this one over at 'she left on a monday'.
I just want to go away, anywhere. This time last year i was on a count down to a cruise in the caribbean that my boyfriend and i went on on my reading week. And all i'm thinking about now is that fact that im not going away, and daily dreaming about the trip that i really, really, really wanted to go on to visit my friend Dee in australia. Dee and i were au pairs together in austria 2 years ago, and i'm invited for the summer, along with our other 2 friends. but i hate being a student and not having money!! therefore that trip will have to wait till after graduation and starting to work. on the bright side tho, plans are in the works for a trip to new york with my program! and dont get me wrong, im super excited, but at the moment im just yearning for a warm place. so here are a few pictures from the trip last year to let us all feel like we're somewhere warm.

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