Sunday, January 17, 2010

My fun, relaxing, yet productive weekend!

So its now sunday night, and friday seems so long ago! After having my first full week of new classes back at school i decided to head to the BFF's for the weekend. Im stuck living in shit-hole oakville, but the bff lives just off Queen west! So thats were i headed for the weekend. After taking the GO into the city ( with all the drunks, who thought it would be a good idea to pee between the train cars instead of finding a bathroom), the two of us and her puppy just hung out for the evening, watched Julie and Julia, and i knitted! Im about 3/4 of the way done my mittens!! im actually really proud of my self. i just taught my self how to knit in the round a few months ago, (turns out i do it inside out tho! don't know how that happened), and just this week, with help from my super crafty friend Kate, have learnt a honey-comb pattern. heres what they look like so far!

So saturday we went out in the city. We got on the street car, then the subway, and made it over to the ROM. huge disappointment of the day tho, was that the Vanity Fair exhibit just left, but we had thought that it was still there. so that sucked, but we still had a good time. and i enjoyed the textiles collection as always. then more exploring of the city, lunch with her fam, back home to the puppy, got ready, and went out with some friends for the night.

then i caught the GO back this morning, and had a pretty relaxing day procrastinating. i have a huge surface design collection due tuesday, and did i work on that at all today, sure didn't. i worked on my mittens instead and found a new show on-line to waste my time, True Blood.

but then i had a random surge of energy, and finished my 'weekend bag' from my list of crafty things to do! quite proud of my self again for starting this the other night, and then finishing.

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