Wednesday, June 23, 2010

finished Colour Project...

so i know, its about time, i finally took some pictures from my final project! all of these pictures are from a line of accessories that i made, all sewn with hand-dyed fabric. i really love the way that this project turned out, something totally new for me in a few ways. first, its a brand new colour scheme, which i actually really like and will defiantly work in again. i also really enjoyed working small and making jewelry. i have made jewelry in the past, but never incorporated textiles into it.
over all i really think that this was a successful project for me, and i hope you enjoy the pictures!
(some of these items will be in my etsy shop in the near furture!)

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  1. wow i love it! looks great! i like the colors too. they are lovely summer colors! xo Yulia


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