Thursday, June 10, 2010

pillow prints...

so i know that there has been a major lack of posts lately, its cause i've got a new job, and am either there, running around, or being lazy. but hopefully now i'll be back and posting more often!
i've been seeing lots of stuff i really like lately, and have been pretty inspired by so many things, but i kinda feel that the creative part of my brain is mush at the moment! so hopefully that'll change soon too! so i feel that the next few posts will be of things i've seen and really like, and then hopefully soonish i'll post about somethings im working on.

so for today, are some really sweet prints for pillows! i love absolutely everything about printed fabric, and all the different ways you can go about it, but i also love really simple one-colour prints! i'd love every one of these pillows in my house, or in the tent in the backyard!

all pillows found here.

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