Friday, June 11, 2010

sweet tooth time...

so i just got a job at a bakery/cafe a few weeks ago, and im totally loving it, as well as developing my sweet tooth!! every thing we sell is made in the bakery by some amazing bakers, and its all soo good! i can't help myself from trying little bits of everything. so along with eating so many yummy teats, i've been inspired to bake a little bit myself. im not much of a baker at all, my momma is, but im excellent at following a recipe. so far this week i've made chocolate chip banana bread and a whip cream and chocolate cake/log. and next on the list is lemon squares! so heres a few pictures to make you drool! all found here.


  1. these look very yummy! I especially like the colorful pretzels!

  2. the first things Macarons ithink they are called. They are so delicious. MMM...i wanna make some...mmmmm....yum. PS those lemon squares were FREAKING amazing. =)


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