Thursday, March 31, 2011


so i made some fun bracelets last night. i was in a crafty mood, and i wanted to make something that was a quicker process than the embroidery i've been working on. these are fun little projects, inspired by the diy's on Honestly...WTF, with some pieces of my own fabric and some colours i've been working with lately. i gave one to the best friend last night and she laughed at me when i told her i had a friendship bracelet for her! but she loved it!


  1. I LOVE these!!! The braided chain one (3rd and 4th pictures) is so beautiful, I wanna make one, haha. ♥

  2. These look awesome! I totally want to do the braided chain one! Is it hard?

  3. tee hee! I do love it! :)
    its amazing!

  4. hey natalie! they aren't that difficult, just a little annoying to get to sit still while your trying to braid it. but even doing the second one was much easier than the first, so its not too bad! ohh and i think that the trick is to put a needle on each of the different colours, cause then you can just pull it through the chain!


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