Thursday, March 24, 2011

gorilla perfume...

i got a super cute box of Lush's new Gorilla Perfume last week from the best friend, also know as the Lush Fairy (cause she works for Lush!). and the perfume is great! and comes in this adorable little box! theres 8 little bottles, which can all be mixed and matched. i love Lush products, i'm not a product person, but when it comes to Lush i love it all!


  1. I use Lush all the time and I love their solid perfume selection. Those sound really great and Im totally going to check them out. Btw: I have a Lush store downstairs in my apartment building. I can smell the amazing soaps each time Im on my staircase...haha
    Have a lovely Friday, darling

  2. I adore lush, and they have the best perfumes. I'm thinking I should get some, ASAP. Oh and a big congrats on your website, just checked it out and it's SO fabulous. xx veronika

  3. I just discovered lush recently actually and think that it's so fun!

  4. aww!! I'm glad you like it. The box is limited edition too so its super special :) I may go pick up a few more downtown later...i love it!


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