Thursday, March 10, 2011

design process: imagery...

so i've realized that i talk a lot about what i make at school and how i make it, and that sometimes i'm sure some of you don't really know what i'm talking about! so i've decided that i'm going to do a series of post on my design process and how things work in the textile studio.
for silk screen printing, the design process starts out with your imagery. right now i'm working with a theme of urban and industrial inspiration, from colours to textures and patterns. so my print work (fabric that i silk screen print) is based on this type of patterning. i wanted to make a brick inspired screen, so i used a few different types of sponges with ink to create these textures, i cut the paper up, and arranged it in a brick pattern. then i make the pattern into a repeat (where the pattern can be placed beside itself without seeing where it starts and stops). then the paper design needs to become a type of image that can be shot onto a silk screen, so i photocopied it onto acetates. and now my imagery is ready to become a silk screen! and that will be the next design process post!
the last image is a second screen i'm working with inspired by chain link fences.


  1. i really like those patterns but im still not sure if i know what you are talking about..interesting nonetheless! it sounds like a cool skill to have :)

  2. I love the process and those patterns are really beautiful, darling. You are so talented:) Happy Tuesday

  3. This is awesome! I love learning about what you do and design itself.

    Thanks sweetie. Brilliant! I agree with Diana too.



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