Thursday, July 28, 2011

pretty pretty...

how gorgeous are these light bulbs!! i'm in love with the look of this photo. i wanna shoot all of my product photos in a room like this!

found here.


  1. i can SO see why! incredible is an understatement. bulbs puddled up on the floor like that, so cool!

    happy weekend Katie, sure hope things have been less stressful for ya. was reading about the last while and the right job will come your way. don't let your hopes be dashed. i was out of work for the longest time, rest assured somethings coming up for you and it's gonna be good! ♥

  2. Pretty Pretty. I've never seen light bulbs look so lovely. :D

  3. they're absolutely beautiful! makes me wish i could have something like this in my room!

  4. If only this were a practical way to decorate a house. Gorgeous.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. Love the bulb lights & that gorgeous room. I'd love to live there and I would SO happily photograph my outfit posts -yay!! xx veronika


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