Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my busy weekend...

hey ladies!! so after a busy week i'm back! last week was totally crazy, working my new job and being in the studio at all other times! and then last weekend i had my first big 3 day craft show. and it was a really great experience. the festival was pretty quiet compared to other years, i think it may have been the heat. it was about 35°c all weekend! sooo hot. plus the humidity, which made it feel almost 40°, which is really hot for this area. but the weekend other than the small crowds was pretty good, i made some really great connections for some other shows coming up in the fall, and it was really good to set my booth all up in a bigger space than i've done before. but its really nice this week to be quieter!

theres a new look around here on the blog. i hope you all like it! i really wanted to be using bigger pictures and couldn't do it on the old format. i thought it was time for a little make over. i'm still working out some kinks, so things may keep changing a little bit.

ohh and we have a winner for the Scarf Giveaway!!! its the lovely Jessica from Creative Index!!!


  1. what a pretty set up for your scarves! and i'm liking the new blog look! i'm def excited for bigger pics :)

  2. woot woot -- liking the new look my dear! and baby girl looks SOOO cute. ahh! i miss her, and everyone!

  3. YAY!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! can't wait to wear it!! i need to find a fedora stat!!

    loving the new look! so glad to hear the festival was good for you!


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