Wednesday, June 15, 2011

knitted bugs...

so i realized that i hadn't really shown you ladies the installation i did of my knitted bugs at my grad show. the place we used for the show was being renovated, and i loved it. when we got there to set up i found this amazing hole in the wall. it was about a foot wide and ran up the whole wall, and it was the perfect place to put my bugs. i had about 30 of them to install, and had them crawling along the wall and into and up the crevice. we put a spot light at the top of the hole, but a lot of people didn't even see the bugs at first. it was great. they kinda walked by, and then all the sudden realized that there was a swarm of bugs on the wall. it was defiantly fun, and a really interesting way to install the piece, defiantly way different than the first way they were installed. and i'll probably do it all different next time!


  1. beautiful pictures.....amazing it...

  2. ACk! They look like silverfish (my mortal enemy in our rental right now). I think I'd prefer knitted ones to the live ones though. Great work!

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