Friday, June 3, 2011


so i finally have my little studio up and running! we made a print table this week, but the top still needs to be finished (thats why it looks like it doesn't fit all the way to the back). and i got a little floating shelf up with all of my pigments and printing tools on it. and i have a whole brand new batch of screens!! which is so exciting. i'll show them all to you sometime.
its so exciting and fun, to be able to work on my own line whenever i want, right in my house! and i'm loving having all of my stuff in one space, thats just my own. and i love being able to print whenever i want!!
(ohh and i'm getting ready for a craft show tomorrow, so theres lots of product to sort thru and get ready to take with me.)


  1. so cute!! it will come together in time.

    i LOVE silk screening! haven't done it much lately, just don't have the space.... can't wait until i can have my own studio!

  2. It is looking lovely, Katie! Can't wait to see more. xx

  3. How exciting - your own little space to do your craft - beautiful! I'm sure lot's of lovely creations will be made here :)

  4. Its perfect! A great place to design and create! I love how big that table is:)

  5. that is so cool are good to go now to take over the world with your gorgeous textiles :)

  6. Amazing, congrats!! The studio looks fantastic and those textiles look beyond gorgeous. Happy creating. xx veronika


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