Tuesday, June 28, 2011


hey ladyfaces! sorry its been quite around here, i was away for the weekend. and really enjoyed my few days off from the real world. i went away with my family for a few days, and then for a night with my man friend, brother, sister and law and their two cute little girls to the beach.
while catching up in the blog world today i came across My New Roots, and i want to try everything they make! you should check it out, it all looks so tasty!


  1. I may or may not (but I am) Drooling.

  2. hello!! thanks so much for stopping by katie :) i love your blog! i am your newest follower btw! hope to see you again soon! these photos are MOST DEFINITELY making me drool too! haha! especially the first photo... *smack, smack* my mouth is watering!

  3. I love how fresh and healthy, yet still delicious these all look!

  4. i'm headed over right this second! thanks for sharing... i love new food blogs!


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